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It all started when I was finishing middle school and applied to be part of the yearbook staff at our high school. I wanted so much to be part of that publication, and poured my heart into my application. When accepted, it did exactly as I fueled my desire, passion and excitement for design. The next four years, I learned, grew and was able to proudly become a co-editor in chief of my senior yearbook.

My design career took an interesting turn heading into college as I ultimately didn't choose a school that had a program for that major. However, in my pursuit of International Public Relations, several career moves into the Marketing, Public Policy, Green Auto & the Wellness Industry, I integrated my love for design into as many aspects, as possible.

For the past several years, I've been pouring my efforts into growing my impact for local businesses through my passion for web design, print and online graphics, e-newsletter writing and social media content creation and management.

I'd love to bring a fresh perspective, a creative branding eye and a passion for connecting your customers to your brand or business.

I look forward to partnering with you.

I'd love to have a quick chat, answer any questions and toss around ideas to enhance your growth!

Click here to email me, and we'll get it scheduled.

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